The GTD Method

The GTD Method is a method created by David Allen. GTD stands for Get Things Done. It gives a framework to improves your efficacity and reducing your stress by noting everything you should do and keep a track of it.

Write all you need to do on a paper or on your mobile.

You will have to make the following lists:

  1. In
  2. Next actions (probably several – more on that later)
  3. Waiting for
  4. Projects
  5. Someday/maybe

Create your In List

In the In list, you should include all the little and big things you want/have to do. This list will be processed continuously.

Process your In List

The items on your In list should be processed one by one in the order they appear on your list.

Ask the first question: Is it actionable? If NO throw it away, add it to your calendar or add it to the Someday/maybe list.

If the answer is YES ask yourself what is the next action? (Must be physical and visible).

Third question you should ask: Would it take less than 2 minutes?

If YES do it now.

If NO:

  • defer (add it to Next actions list),
  • delegate (add it to Waiting for list and add the current date to track),
  • add it to Projects list if it require more than 1 action.


  • When you will review the Projects list, you have to make sure that there is at least one action on your Next actions list for each project, so you make sure that your projects aren’t forgotten.
  • You can add a tag to each action for different contexts (@city, @home etc…). Or you can have a Next actions list for each context.
  • You can have an agenda context for each person.
  • Review all lists on a weekly basis.
  • When you review your lists think what you will/need to do for the next week.
  • You can use a trigger list to remember things you should/want to do and insert it in your In list.
  • You can use Read/Review folder (a file where you store what you want to read in the future) & Tickler files to remember what to do (43 files: 12 months + 31 days in a month).

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