How to create a Vision

Let’s see in this post how to create a decent Vision for your next product or project. A Vision should be created before starting a project, it helps the team to stay on track and remain focused.

The Vision could be created during a workshop, where everyone participates: the team, the management, the stakeholders and the customers eventually.

Make sure to invite everyone that can contribute to the bigger picture by providing knowledge, passion on the product (or the project) and visionary skills.

Once the workshop is set let’s answer to 6 Questions. Each participant will write his ideas on a post-it and stick it under the question.

  1. How the project will benefit the company?
  2. Who is the target customer?
  3. Which needs should the project satisfy?
  4. Which attributes determine the satisfaction of those needs?
  5. Which metrics could be used to measure the success of the project?
  6. What timeframe and development budget determine the project?

Once all questions are answered let’s think about creating the Vision with it. Everyone will now write on a post-it one or more Vision statements according to the 6 questions answered and stick it on the wall.

When writing down the Vision do not forget to keep it:

  • Clear and Stable
  • Broad and Engaging
  • Short and Sweet
  • Achievable
  • Insightful

Congratulation, you have now your vision. And do not forget to update it if necessary.

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