Agility & Complexity

Let’s talk here about Agility (more specifically Kanban), Complexity and some other various related topics: Vision, Collective Intelligence, Motivation.


Agility emerged to mainly answer to the Human & the Complexity. In any Agile framework in order to create a valuable product, we must have a clear and strong Vision.


In order to understand the team effectiveness, Google lunched a project named Aristotle where they found that the most important criteria to have an effectiveness team is the Psychological Safety.

Agile fluency

In order to become full Agile the organization/team will go through 5 steps.


The complexity is caused by the number of interactions and the related links: the more interactions and links exist, the more the system will be complex and the less it will be predictable. (Helium stick)

Waterfall can be used for complicated projects but not for complex ones.

In order to work in a complex context we need to take the w