By Maxwell Maltz

This post summarize the book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

1- The Self Image: Your Key To A Better Life

You will act like the sort of person you conceive yourself to be.

2- Discovering The Success Mechanism With-in You

When we conceive of the human brain and nervous system as a form of servo-mechanism, operating in accordance with Cybernetic principles, we gain a new insight into the why and wherefore of human behavior.

Your built-in success mechanism must have a goal or target. This goal, or target must be conceived of as already in existence – now. Think in term of end result. Your servo-mechanism will Imagination – The First Key To Your Success Mechanism

3- Imagination – The First Key To Your Success. Mechanism


4- Dehypnotize Yourself From False Beliefs


5- How To Utilize The Power Of Rational Thinking

Decide what you want – Not what you don’t want.

6- Relax And Let Your Success Mechanism Work For You

If you have any kind of problem or achieve a goal you need to solve, you must think about it consciously, gather all the information you can on the subject, consider all the possible courses of action. And above all, you must have a burning desire to solve the problem. But, after you have defined the problem, sees in your imagination the desired end result, secured all the information and facts that you can, then additional struggling, fretting and worrying over it do not help, but seem to hinder the solution.

7- You Can Acquire The Habit Of Happiness


8- Ingredients Of The Success-Type Personality And How To Acquire Them


9- The Failure Mechanism: How To Make It Work For You Instead Of Against You


10- How To Remove Emotional Scars, Or How To Give Yourself An Emotional Face Lift

  1. Be too big to feel threatened – It is the person who feels underserving. , doubts his own capabilities who will be more vulnerable to criticism.
  2. A self-reliant, responsible attitude makes you less vulnerable.
  3. Relax away emotional hurts – When we feel hurt, the feeling is entirely a. matter of our own response to it.

Remember “You” make mistakes. Mistakes. don’t make “You” – anything.

Your do-it-yourself kit consists of relaxation of negative tensions to prevent scars, therapeutic forgiveness to remove old scars, providing yourself with a tough (but not a hard) epidemics instead of a shell, creative living, a willingness to be a little vulnerable, and a nostalgia for the future instead of the past.

11- How To Unlock Your Real Personality


12- Do-It-Yourself Tranquilizers That Bring Peace Of Mind

You can, if you choose, totally ignore the telephone bell. You can, if you choose, continue sitting quietly and relaxed – maintaining your own original state of organization, by refusing to respond to the signal. Get this mental picture clearly in your mind for it can be quite helpful in overcoming the power of external stimuli to disturb you. See yourself sitting quietly, letting the phone ring, ignoring its signal. Although you are aware of it you no longer mind or obey it. Also get clearly in your mind the fact that the outside signal in itself has no power over you, no power to move you.

13- How To Turn A Crisis Into A Creative Opportunity

Practice without pressure and you will learn more efficiently and be able to perform better in a crisis situation.

In a crisis situation, just ask yourself: What is the worst that can possibly happen if I fail?, rather than responding automatically, blindly and irrationally.

14- How To Get “That Winning Feeling”

Skill learning is largely a matter of trial-and-error practice until a number of “hits”, or successful actions have registered in memory.

The more you remember or you repeat something the more this feeling will create the according connections in your brain to repeat the skill.

If you can remember your feelings from the past, they will be reactivated in the present. You will find yourself feeling self-confident, because self-confidence is built upon memories of past successes.

Suppose the best possible outcome did actually come about. Next, remind yourself that, after all, this could happen.

If you choose, you can put on a new record, and reactivate success patterns and that winning feeling.

15- More Years Of Life And More Life In Your Years

Pessimism is a major symptom of early fossilization!

In the human body the capillaries are the channels through which waste is removed. The lack of exercice and inactivity literally dries-up the capillaries.

A stored automobile needs no gasoline in the tank. And a goal striver with no real goal doesn’t really need much Life Force. So develop a nostalgia for the future instead of the past. Create a need for more life and you will receive more life!

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